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Relevant and real-world logistics solutions

We’ve almost seen it all. With decades of experience in global logistics working with thousands of different businesses, we’ve come to understand that no two solutions are alike. What works for one industry might be disastrous in another. It’s why our team take the time to get to know your business from the inside out – and, by extension, give you the best solution possible using innovative technology.

Our industry specific freight forwarding solutions factor everything in – from your timelines and budget, to the global context and what the regulatory requirements are. No stone is left unturned and our priority is making sure your supply chain is as effective and efficient as humanly possible. So whether you’re in agriculture, retail, healthcare or construction, we’ll craft the best solution that’s custom fit to your business’ needs.

The Neolink team come from all different industries and bring a wealth of experience to your supply chain.

Who We Are

Catering to a wide variety of industry verticals

Moving goods across the world isn’t as simple as packing a container and loading it onto a ship. A medical lab sending urgently needed life saving products requires a different solution to a wine supplier exporting the latest vintage. From air freight to sea freight, to customs clearance and warehousing, let Neolink be your partner from end-to-end.

What We Do


Agriculture is a broad category encompassing a range of different goods in all shapes and sizes. For fresh fruit, vegetables and animal products, you’re going to need a logistics solution that’s fast, affordable and secure to ensure everything arrives in one piece.

Aside from agricultural perishables, we also have the ability to transport machines, parts, equipment and other items you need to run your business more efficiently. No matter where you are in the world – or how remote – Neolink can partner with you to find the most efficient supply chain options.

For building projects that require a range of different materials, machinery and equipment, we can help you make the right (and fast) decisions on the best methods to ship. Our logistics can involve anything from OOG containers to Flat Rack and Break Bulk Cargo.

When packing your shipment, we can arrange the right option for heavy lift and over dimensional cargo, as well as offer expediting and inspections upon arrival. We’ll get your goods to where they need to go so that your project timelines stay intact.

Trading around the world online doesn’t have to be a hassle. Neolink eCommerce and cross trade solutions can strengthen every link in your supply chain, from pick and pack warehouse options to international FBA and FBM Amazon handling.

When demand changes in your business, we can adapt with you. Get the right support at the right time with integrated WMS and Online Store systems (with B2C fulfilment) and cross border eCommerce consolidations to reach new markets overseas.

With decades of experience partnering with some of Australia’s leading food and beverage brands, we understand what it takes to transport most food items. Using the best shipping and storage solutions, our team will monitor your goods in transit, making sure that they remain temperature controlled and intact right up until their arrival.

Customs law changes from country to country. As well as keeping your food and beverage items secure, we also offer customs brokerage services for a seamless clearance at borders. Whether you’re importing or exporting, we’ll find the best way to get your shipment on its way safely from door-to-door.

Retailers nowadays operate globally, with many brick and mortar stores in different countries, plus an eCommerce shop running 24/7. We’re specialists in FMCG and retail logistics and understand the challenges and risks that retailers face when it comes to cross-border trading.

There are so many factors that affect the success of a retail business. Seasonality, trends in fashion and changing shopping habits can create issues for your supply chain, as well as the difficulty of managing multiple suppliers all over the world. Neolink can be your one point of contact to smooth out any sticking points in your operations, and our 24/7 customer service means you won’t be left in the lurch should something go wrong.

Delicate homewares, high-end furniture and valuable items need to be packed securely to be shipped. Not only this, goods need to arrive fast to keep up with demand and complete your business’ in-store experience (and/or online).

Harness the latest technology, automations and AI applications from Neolink to make fulfilment actually enjoyable. We believe in proactive PO management to get ahead of the curve and pre-plan as much of the supply chain as we can. It’s this forward-thinking that can save you time and energy down the track.

Transporting medical equipment and goods can be life or death at times, so no matter the size of the package, we’re always working towards a safe and speedy arrival.

We pride ourselves on our specialist handling of sensitive goods, temperature controlled shipments and are supported by a strong network of GDP and QMS compliant partners.

The logistics for any mining, oil and gas operation is a big undertaking. Any minor disruptions to production processes can be costly, both in terms of time and also revenue. Our expert team can be trusted to provide efficient door-to-door delivery of large machinery, crucial parts and supplies to the remote corners of the world.

To expedite the process, we can also handle all your customs clearance and regulatory requirements. As an Accredited Australian Trusted Trader, you benefit from priority.

Spoiled perishables are bad news for everyone involved: not only does it cost the sender money, but it also affects the seller’s inventory. Don’t get caught out – partner with Neolink to keep your perishable goods safe in transit and arriving on time.

We specialise in the transportation of fruit, vegetables and flowers, as well as other perishable items. You can expect top of the line cool-chain capabilities – we’re also PGS certified members for shipping – and at your destination, the option for expedited quarantine bookings at specialist handling facilities.

In an industry that’s evolving at warp speed, we can offer agile and dynamic supply chain solutions for your renewables business. To keep things moving, our dedicated team focus on keeping costs down while staying flexible, prioritising rapid time to market and careful handling of your products.

We’re proud to work with some of Australia’s biggest importers of solar panels, but our commitment to Green Energy doesn’t stop there. We can be your supply chain partner for renewables, including specialised equipment, solar and electric vehicle charging stations, wind turbines, spare parts and much more.

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    I've been working with Neolink for many years for all of our business to or from Australia. They are a top notch Forwarder and have become our dedicated business in Australia. Trustworthy and the job is always done as advertised. Thanks for taking such good care of us!

    Curious Columbus

    We started working with the team at Neolink at an extremely turbulent time for the industry. They do a truly excellent job of cutting through the challenges, proactively seeking out solutions and exploring options, keeping open communication and really simplifying the process. Great culture from the top down. An excellent team with a can-do attitude offering up some sanity at a completely insane time for the industry.

    The Gourmet Sausage Company

    My company has used Neolink for a couple of years now. They provide us with competitive options and great timelines. With each delivery, the execution was seamless and the freight was delivered on time.
    Neolink has become a highly valued partner to my business.