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Our Story

Neolink was founded by Sean Crook and Christopher Makhoul in 2017. At Neolink’s inception, the founders identified a significant gap in the Australian logistics and supply chain industry. Importers and exporters were crying out for a partner that could support them through the tumultuous world of shipping. Bolstered with leading technology and customer service, Neolink was the solution to optimising our clients international supply chains & shipping processes.

Other countries around the world were starting to embrace digital technology to improve processes and customer experience, however the Australian market was lagging behind. As a result, the pair set out to create a business that could introduce new and emerging technologies into the more traditional modes of supply chain processes, plugging the niche between the latest digital technology offering and pairing this with traditional close-knit relationships.

Fast forward to today and Neolink is one of the fastest growing companies in Australia, backed by our new age digital supply chain technology and amazing people. Neolink now provides a range of global logistics services to and from more than 800 cities and 200 countries around the world.

With the support and loyalty of our fantastic customers, Neolink finished #39 on the prestigious AFR Fast Starters and #10 on the Smart50 lists for 2021. However, the award we are most proud of is our Great Places to Work® certification and being the only privately held Global Freight Forwarder in Australia to obtain this in 2021.

Delivering the most efficient global supply chains possible.

What We Do

A new age for global supply chains

Global logistics and supply chains have never been so vulnerable. According to Mckinsey & MIT Research (2021), early adopters of new shipment technologies and real-time data sharing can reduce logistics costs by up to 15% and increase service levels to their own customers by 65% in comparison to companies that don't use these technologies.

Our goal is simple: to provide importers and exporters with these new age supply chain technologies to help them gain a competitive edge.

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How we're different

Proactive supply chain engagement

Our new age automated workflows enable our dynamic team to be more proactive, responsive and anticipate supply chain disruptions from pre-shipment planning to last mile delivery.

Single point of contact

Your dedicated logistics coordinator will be your point of contact for everything. Obtaining quotations, coordinating with your overseas suppliers, providing access to our digital tools, coordinating customs clearance and arranging delivery to your warehouse. One expert that knows your business inside and out.

Real-time shipment visibility

Our Neolink Logixboard Platform provides real-time data and shipment visibility to optimise your supply chain. Combined with your single point of contact, you can make better business decisions, save time on administration work and streamline processes that can reduce your costs.

Our Management Team

Christopher Makhoul


Chris has worked across a number of roles in the global logistics industry since graduating university. For the past 15 years, he has worked in a variety of departments and areas grasping a full understanding on Global Supply Chain Management and servicing some of Australia’s biggest importer/exporters. Chris is focused on driving continuous improvement projects across the business and ensuring we provide our customers with the most efficient supply chains possible.

Sean Crook


After working across the supply chain in a number of customer-side roles, Sean set out to create a freight forwarding business with his co-founder Chris that takes the best from the digital and traditional sides of the industry. Now, as one of the fastest growing companies in Australia and one of Australia’s Great Places to Work, Sean is focused on continuing to support the growth of the business, its customers and its people.

Jun Ping Li

General Manager – Operations

As employee #1, Jun has been with Neolink since its inception in our original three desk office in Rockdale. Prior to joining the team, Jun had spent six years in the global logistics and transport space working across operations, as well as customer support-based roles. Jun is highly trusted by all of our customers, staff and our suppliers. As the General Manager of Operations, he is responsible for the day to day management across all of our Customer Operations and Customs Teams.

Matt Cirson

General Manager - Commercial

Matt is our General Manager of Commercial and tasked with overseeing our new business development team. His primary area of focus is on growing and implementing a vast array of new global supply chains into the Neolink business. Having started his career in operations 20 years ago, Matt takes an extremely detailed approach working closely with every supply chain he comes across to provide tailored solutions that suit those companies. He’s highly trusted by all of our customers and is always focused on providing solid tangible commercial outcomes that drive a transparent return on investment.

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