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Review your entire supply chain at a glance

In global logistics, there are so many moving parts. Keeping track of shipments, suppliers and accounts – often with competing timelines – can bring stress and frustration. Neolink Logixboard strengthen the links between you, your team and your customers by offering visibility and transparency via a central hub with user-friendly digital tools. It’s where everyone is connected and can be kept in the loop with freight and operations so nothing falls through the cracks.

Digital tools to boost productivity and satisfaction

Powered by the latest tech, our innovative digital engagement centre gives you the opportunity to leverage your data to drive operational efficiency. When you can see what’s going on from start to finish, you can better understand what needs your attention.

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Visibility and alignment across your team

When everyone has access to the same, real-time information, they can collaborate and align towards the same goals. Neolink Logixboard gives your logistics, procurement and accounts team access to all shipment information, so they don’t need to burden other departments. And as an added bonus, your account managers can be proactively notified when invoices are due and accounts are payable.

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Real time data sharing to reduce logistics costs by up to 15% and increase customer service levels by 65%.

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A rich, interactive shipments command centre

Neolink Logixboard is a central hub for you and your team to manage all of your shipment information. Get easy access to the status of every shipment – especially the ones you need to take action on – and robust filtering and sorting to find the shipments you care about most.

It’s also where you can consolidate shipment details, documents, timeline and historical updates, all in one place. Plus, all documents are synced directly in real-time from origin, guaranteeing it’s always up-to-date.

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Your key to a more efficient supply chain

Accurate, simple-to-use on-demand reporting

Analyse routes, compare key metrics over time, identify irregularities and keep executive teams updated.

Instant alerts and notifications

Never be caught off-guard by status changes again. Ensure that everyone – from sales reps to executives to external partners – are always informed with the latest information.

Fast, smooth customs clearance

View documents, status updates and other handy info to get your goods across the finish line at their final destination.

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