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Port Botany Update: Storms Creating Significant Disruptions

Dear Valued Clients,

The entire industry has been experiencing some significant issues in the past 24 hours due to ongoing issues at Port Botany.

Our Industry body the FTA has been providing us with continued updates throughout the day directly from the ports, with the main issues being caused primarily due to the weather:

  • 5:58AM – Port Botany Closure from 10am last night to 6am this morning with cancelled pick up slots – Exit gates broken down all evening
  • 10:56AM – Quarantine’s online platform for clearing shipments has been crashing all morning
  • 10:56AM – Further pick up slots cancelled up to 12pm due to exit gates still not being repaired
  • 12:56pm – Further announcements from all ports stating that availability dates are now being pushed back for arrival vessels
  • 14:04pm – 18 vessels have had availability pushed back and extended free days are being provided as a result
  • 15:06pm – Further pick up slots cancelled at ports due to continuing weather related issues

As I am sure you can imagine; the whole industry is feeling a lot of pressure the past couple of weeks due to Union Interruptions, BMSB Fumigation requirements and now significant weather problems causing delays at the ports today in peak season.

Your NEOLINK Account Manager will be proactively reaching out to give you an update on your arriving shipments and the impact the past 24 hours will have going into next week.

Every situation is different and unique for every client, but our expectation is that this could create ongoing challenges leading into next week for all clients.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we endeavor to manage your arriving shipments as efficiently as possible.

Please feel free to give your AM or Chris and I a call if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Sean Crook


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