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Neolink Joins Prestigious Wca Associations – The Global Affinity Alliance And Wca Inter Global

NEOLINK Joins Prestigious WCA Associations – The Global Affinity Alliance and WCA Inter Global

Monday 25th, February 2019

NEOLINK today announced that its been accepted into the world’s largest and most powerful network of Independent Freight Forwards in the world, the WCA. Founded in 1998; the WCA has over 7000 member offices in 190 countries around the world. This combined network exceeds the length and breadth of the world’s largest multinational freight forwarding businesses, providing NEOLINK’s customers with a truly global network.

Since its inception; NEOLINK has focused on building a global presence for its members and joining the WCA is a landmark in developing those trade lanes. ” We believe that joining the WCA will provide NEOLINK with a great platform to build new business relationships where we do not currently have established trade lanes. Our clients here in Australia are always looking at new and different suppliers from all over the world, so it is important we provide the network to build those new supply chains.” said Christopher Makhoul, Director at NEOLINK.

“Continuous improvement is a key growth pillar for NEOLINK every year and we hope to leverage the network to see best practice examples, as well as share some of our innovative systems automation learnings. We believe that the WCA can offer this in abundance and was one of the key reasons why we joined this prestigious network. Ultimately the real benefactor will be our customers; ensuring that we are always providing the best and most efficient supply chains possible”

NEOLINK are now members of the below international logistics networks for 2019:

  • WCA Inter Global
  • Global Affinity Alliance
  • JC Trans Network

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