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Press Release – Boot Buddy To Launch In Australia With Neolink As Appointed Distributor – 4.3.20

Boot Buddy to Launch in Australia with NEOLINK as Appointed Distributor

NEOLINK have become the distributor in Australia for The Boot Buddy Ltd from the hit UK TV Series, Dragons Den.

4th of March 2020

The Boot Buddy Ltd and NEOLINK Logistics & Distribution today announced it has commenced working together on the distribution of Boot Buddy in the Australian Market.

Boot Buddy is on a mission to change the way people around the globe clean their muddy footwear. The founder, Arminder Singh Dillon was the youngest entrepreneur to get financial investment on the UK hit TV series, The Dragons Den at aged 15. Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and Touker Suleyman all invested in the business and assisted the young entrepreneur in the business growth and expansion.

NEOLINK will begin distribution of the Boot Buddy Cleaner from the beginning of this year with a key focus on driving local online and digital channels. The innovative Boot Cleaner product will be the first of its kind to be launched in Australia and help parents of sporting kids “leave the outdoors outside!”.

“We have partnered in the past with Dragons Den UK brands with tremendous success and look forward to doing the same with The Boot Buddy” said Sean Crook, Director at NEOLINK. “Australia is a big sporting nation with over 63% of children participating in organized sport and approximately one million of them playing football, rugby or AFL. I am sure that a number of the parents of those children are experiencing the same problem as their counterparts in the UK that the Boot Buddy was able to solve”.

NEOLINK will largely focus the initial launch via its dedicated social media channels and online store to ensure Australians nation-wide can buy the Boot Buddy cleaner. “Through our logistics network we are able to ensure that the product is made readily available to ship at an affordable price to Australian consumers in a timely fashion. It is important we educate everyone about the Boot Buddy and that something like this is available here in Australia. Social media is a great platform for us to do that, where we can also share the Dragons Den story to promote the product and drive brand awareness for Boot Buddy with Australians.

“Boot Buddy is excited to partner with NEOLINK and help drive our brand in the Australian market” said Gurminder Dillon from Boot Buddy UK. “The Boot Buddy Cleaner will be available via the Boot Buddy Australia Online Facebook page launching in the coming week and the team at NEOLINK will be driving other new business channels across the country in the coming months ahead”

About Boot Buddy
The awesome Boot Buddy is highly convenient, durable and efficient product that is able to clean all the dirt on majority of boots and shoes out there. With its durable plastic pick and powerful brush with strong bristles it picks out the chunks of mud and grime on soles and sides of your boots and washes away and cleans EVERYTHING OFF! The best part is – it all happens in less than a minute! Suitable and recommended for Football, Golf, Horse Boots, Outdoors, Walking boots and much more.

About NEOLINK Logistics + Distribution
NEOLINK are a global logistics + distribution business with HQ in Sydney. They offer a full range of logistics services including air freight, sea freight, customs clearance, warehousing and transport. Leveraging the efficiencies of their logistics network; NEOLINK provide a full spectrum of distribution services for international brands looking for a partner in the Australian market.


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