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Neolink Announcement | Bmsb Risk Season | Department Of Agriculture And Water Resources | Mandatory Fumigation Required For Containerised Goods From Italy | January 16th To 30th April 2018

Dear Valued Clients,

We have been notified by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources that mandatory fumigation is now required for all imported containerised goods from Italy.

Please see announcement below:

This will be required for ALL containerised goods that will arrive into Australia from Italy until the end of April.

NEOLINK’S Recommended Approach

  1. Collaborate with your supplier and have them arrange at their cost prior to the goods being loaded with a certified body (BMSB Fumigation certificate required for Quarantine purposes)
  1. If the supplier refuses to arrange on your behalf; NEOLINK has made arrangements via our Italy Branch in Milan to offer this service at Origin. This is typically substantially cheaper than double handling and arranging on arrival here in Australia. Cost will vary depending on the size of your shipments.
  1. As a last resort, we can also fumigate the goods upon arrival in Australia. This will typically be a more expensive approach as goods have to be moved under bond to a bonded depot for unpack/fumigation and will then be cleared by quarantine, which can incur a lot more incremental costs beyond just fumigation.

Your NEOLINK Account Manager will be in contact for the clients that we know ship regularly from Italy to proactively discuss the above and the impact on existing/future shipments.

If you also have any future or current purchase orders from Italy that we might not be aware of and have any questions on the above, please also feel free to reach out with any questions.

Best regards,

Sean Crook


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