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Neolink Announcement | Ym Efficiency Loses 83 Containers At Sea Off The Coast Of Newcastle | 2nd Of June 2018

Dear Valued Clients,

Late Friday evening; NEOLINK became aware by the shipping line of a number of containers going overboard on the YM Efficiency off the coast of Newcastle.

The vessel was travelling from Kaohsiung, Taiwan south to Port Botany when the YM Efficiency encountered high seas and lost 83 containers from the vessel.

NEOLINK is across the situation receiving updates from the shipping lines as to the status of these containers.

If your particular shipment had been affected by this, your NEOLINK Account Manager will be reaching out to you first thing next week.

This is a stark reminder on the value of having Marine Insurance included in your broader business insurance policies if you don’t already have it.

As always; if you have an urgent concerns or questions you can call one of the NEOLINK Directors at any time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends.

Best regards,

Sean Crook


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