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Neolink Joins World Wine Cargo Alliance - Press Release - 18.7.22

Neolink Joins World Wine Cargo Alliance - Press Release - 18.7.22

Monday 18th of July 2022

Neolink are today excited to announce that we have joined the World Wine Cargo Alliance effective from July 2022.

The World Wine Cargo Alliance was created by CEO Montserrat Nomen Brotons in the beginning of 2019. The idea behind this Global freight network is to gather reliable partners and agents around the world that  specialize in the transport of wine and other spirits.

Neolink are proud to join the exclusive alliance, since there is a limit on the number of memberships per country. The reason for these limitations is that World Wine Cargo Alliance to be an active network in which all members can benefit from cooperation to ensure the highest standards are maintained for the Global Logistics requirements required for the Wine industry.

Neolink's General Manager of Commercial Matt Cirson has over 15+ years experience working in the Global Wine Logistics industry and has been developing our Global Wine Reefer FAK Service to Australia the past two and a half years. "Joining such an exclusive network as the World Wine Cargo Alliance is another step in the right direction as we grow our Global Logistics Offering to the Wine Industry here in Australia" he stated.

"Over the past two and a half years our Global Wine Reefer FAK service to Australia has grown significantly to now whereby we are running monthly services to Australia, which we know very few other companies can offer. This temp controlled service is important as it still allows smaller wine importers to bring in more premium wines in smaller batches and trial/test new products initially before being able to justify shipping Full Container Loads."

In the coming months the Neolink Commercial and Operations Teams that work in our Wine Industry vertical will be working closely with the WWCA members to seek additional benefits that we can pass onto our current and future customers.

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