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Neolink Launch Ecotrack: Revolutionizing Sustainable Logistics With Eco-friendly Shipping Solutions

Neolink Launches EcoTrack: Revolutionizing Sustainable Logistics with Eco-Friendly Shipping Solutions

Real Time CO2 Monitoring & Offsetting Emissions for Sustainable Logistics


Today Neolink is proud to announce the launch of EcoTrack with our partners, an innovative product within our Logixboard Shipping Platform designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally responsible shipping practices.


Consumer Demand & Regulatory Landscape Drive Sustainable Logistics Growth

 In response to the surging consumer demand and evolving regulations emphasizing sustainable logistics, Neolink has introduced EcoTrack to empower businesses to monitor and offset their shipment emissions effectively. Recent studies undertaken by AP Moller, Oxford Economics, WWF, and Lune revealed that 86% of supply chain leaders consider a sustainable supply chain a key competitive differentiator. Additionally, 42% of consumers are willing to wait longer for products that are better for the environment. But most importantly that 70% of shippers would offset shipments if this was easily provided through a Logistics Partner.



EcoTrack Features & Benefits

EcoTrack, integrated via Neolink's Logixboard Platform, offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to address their carbon footprint:

  1. Real-time Monitoring: Neolink customers can now monitor CO2 emissions for their shipments in real-time, enabling them to make informed decisions to reduce their environmental impact.

2. Detailed Analytics: Gain access to detailed analytics and emissions impact analysis across the entire supply chain, providing valuable insights into areas for improvement.

3. Compliance and Accreditation: Partnering with Lune, EcoTrack's methodology is compliant with the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework, ISO 14083, and is audited         and accredited by the Smart Freight Centre.

4. Carbon Offset Programs: Neolink enables businesses to understand and reduce their environmental burden by connecting them with high-quality carbon offset programs. Customers can       make carbon-neutral shipments the default choice when using Neolink's services.


High-Quality Carbon Offsetting with EcoTrack

EcoTrack distinguishes itself by offering a curated list of high-quality carbon offsets and innovative carbon removal projects from around the world. The projects are meticulously vetted through in-house analysis and external evaluations to ensure their credibility and effectiveness in mitigating environmental impact.



Taking Action with High-Quality Carbon Offsetting

By choosing EcoTrack, Neolink customers can take meaningful action to offset their emissions responsibly. As an example, for just $12 USD, a container shipment from Shanghai to Rotterdam can be made carbon neutral using Forest Conservation Projects. This initiative is certified through the Verified Carbon Standard, providing transparency and credibility.


Making Sustainable Shipping the Default Choice

Neolink encourages businesses to make sustainable shipping the default choice by utilizing EcoTrack. The platform facilitates not only carbon monitoring but also proactive steps toward reducing the environmental impact of logistics operations.

For more information on EcoTrack and how Neolink can help your supply chain transform logistics into a sustainable endeavour, please feel free to contact our commercial team at or your Neolink representative.


About Neolink

Neolink are a New Age Global logistics and Supply Chain company, catering to the dynamic needs of Australian Importers and Exporters. Our comprehensive services span global air and sea freight, customs clearance, efficient warehousing, sustainable shipping, and specialized eCommerce support. Since being established in 2017, Neolink has rapidly become one of Australia's fastest-growing companies, recognized on prestigious lists such as the Smart 50 (2021, 2022), AFR Fast Starters (2021), AFR Fast 100 (2022), Deloitte Tech 50 (2022), and Business News Australia’s Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Service Providers (2022). Our pride lies not just in industry accolades but also in being acknowledged by Great Places to Work® as one of Australia's Best Workplaces™️ in 2022. At Neolink, we are more than logistics; we are a team committed to innovation, customer satisfaction, and redefining industry standards.


Introducing Neolink EcoTrack


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